Bear Metal’s Annual Prototyping Challenge and (NEW) Programming Challenge!


Starting tomorrow, Bear Metal members will be participating in our annual Prototyping Challenge. We will split up into 4 sub-teams, each of which build their own prototype to accomplish a certain goal. This year’s challenge is to collect a standard traffic cone from an upright position and place it on a table. Each team will be working to address specific goals in relation to weight, ability to place cones, etc. and will be awarded points for every goal that they meet. Every prototype will be mounted onto a prototyping chassis that we have been working together with newer members to create over the past few months. We will be meeting every day up until the day of the competition, December 16th.

This challenge is a great way for our team to prepare new and existing members for the upcoming build season by creating a more accurate representation of how it will be structured and by teaching them how to create effective prototypes.

In addition to the prototyping challenge, we will be holding our first programming challenge this year. Members of our programming team will be working in teams of 2-3 people to create an autonomous program.

Ryleigh Weston

Secretary of Communications

Bear Metal Robotics

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