Prototyping Challenge: Day 3


At the start of Wednesday, Sub-team Bravo took the parts of their basic wood prototype and started to replace them with metal iterations. Beyond this, the metal parts were changed and redesigned, with the help of Joseph O’Brien, in order to create an effective second prototype. Most of the second prototype was developed, only having belt tensioning and arm mounting left to be done for Thursday.

prototype being demonstrated against cone

prototype with metal iterations

At the start of Wednesday, Sub-team Epsilon had the arms completed but they were too heavy so they removed one of the wheels on each arm because they were not being effective and they could complete the same task with one wheel. Epsilon also reduced the length of the arms to make sure it did not lean too much and tested the arms to make use they functioned properly. They plan to mount the motor closer to the hinge and round out the end of the arm.

Epsilon writes out a design for a prototype

Sub-team Alpha worked on an arm in CAD, designed a new part, and put them together. They prepared parts and started to build after revising their design.

Sub-team Romeo finished assembling complex mechanisms such as the gearbox and the pivot. Romeo also made progress on the ratchet and ended up switching out a servo with a pneumatic pancake.


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