Prototyping Challenge: Day 4


As we start to near the day of competition this Saturday, lots of work has been getting done. Bear Metal members have been able to divide and conquer the work load and are making great strides. Specifically,

Sub-team Bravo:

Worked on attaching motors and belts, changing out wheels, and mounting the prototype to the robot arm. They ran into the problem of the brackets not being strong enough to attach to the arm. Their solution was to design their own brackets. Their long term goal is to fix issues that come up during testing.

Testing out prototype on cone

Sub-team Epsilon:

Got both arms, horizontal between the arms, and gussets attached. Epsilon was also able to get their forklift designed and just need to get it machined.

Sub-team E prototype

Sub-team Alpha:

Worked on getting their prototype designed out and ready for a metal iteration. One issue that they had today was a lack of sub-team members showing up.

Sub-team Romeo:

Worked on getting their chain to the right length, mounting a gear box and pancake cylinder, and testing the prototype out. They were able to train a few of their members on how to mount the mechanism onto the arm. One issue that they had was the chain length. They plan to keep working on fixing the chain and to test out the pancake cylinder mechanism. Their goal is still to “have a working prototype and win”.

Updated prototype

Team members working on prototype

Bear Metal members work on designing parts

Programming Challenge:

The programmers continued to work on their robot code. Many more teams have moved to the testing stage.

Programmers test out code on programming chassis

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