Prototyping Challenge: Day 5


Today was Day 5 of the annual Bear Metal prototyping challenge. Bear Metal members were able to utilize their resources to finish their assemblies and make final revisions on the arms. Each sub-team was able to test and modify their designs to become more efficient and effective.


Sub-Team Bravo:  

Sub-team B was able to fix their existing design flaws, for a more effective and  design . They also collaborated as a team to troubleshoot and renovate their arm, while fixing the brackets.  

Sub-Team Epsilon:  

Today, sub-team E focused on finishing their assembly. Everyone was engaged and collaborated on various methods for tensioning. Eventually a tensioning method was decided upon, and the members incorporated the new addition to their assembly.

Sub-Team Alpha:

Today, sub-team A was able to extend their arm and eventually incorporate the modified mechanism into their CAD design. Even though they encountered troubles with their planetary, the members persevered and almost completed their assembly.  

Sub-Team Romeo:  

Sub-team R mainly focused on tensioning their chain. They altered their design to fix problems that they encountered with many different forces. This is due to the fact that many forces were acting on the arm, and as a result it didn’t twist like planned.

Programming Challenge:

The programming team was able to finish most of their tele-op and autonomous round. They also worked hard on finalizing the code and testing for their programming challenge.

Sarina Sanjay


Bear Metal Robotics


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