Prototyping and Programming Challenge Finale


As our prototyping and programming challenge came to a close, Bear Metal students demonstrated their final product to other students, parents, and mentors. For the prototyping challenge, each sub-team had to have their mechanism prep done in under 10 minutes, weigh under 7.5 pounds, sized under 18″ x 18″ x 18″, and able to collect and place a cone on a table. Teams were also able to collect additional points for prepping in under 5 minutes, weighing under 5 pounds, the amount of cones placed upright on the table, and having stacked cones. They had 90 seconds to score points with two human players controlling the robot from Xbox controllers.

The programmers on the other hand had to create an autonomous program that could start in one box marked with white tape, back up into and hit a sensor on a tote, and drive into another white marked box.

The meeting started at 10AM with breakfast being provided by our amazing Booster Club and with teams making any final adjustments to their prototype. Around 3PM, we took a break from prototyping to reflect on the past week and take a look at our strengths and weaknesses. We found that our team was well trained over the past few months but still with room to grow. We were able to improve on our ability to work together, listen to each others opinions, and how to piece our skills together to build something. It also gave our team information on what we need to work more on and who is a reliable teammate.

We then went on to discuss our weaknesses and any strategies that can be used to address them. In order to utilize our team more effectively, we have emphasized delegation and using problem solving skills to look for things to do rather than constantly bothering team leaders for one. By setting goals and tasks at the beginning of the day, we will be able to use our time and people better. This year, our team has 65 members. Under the right management, we will be able to use our numbers much to our advantage in comparison to other years. Towards the end of our discussion, we had each of our mentors stand up and talk about their background and what they will be working on with the team.

We ended the prototyping challenge with sub-team Epsilon taking home the gold. Here are some pictures of our members competing:

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The programming team spent the day testing their programs before finally competing against each other to get the most points.

programming challenge results

programmers getting ready to test


After a successful challenge we feel prepared to go into build season and can’t wait for the weeks ahead of us.

Thank you,

Ryleigh Weston

Secretary of Communications

Bear Metal Robotics

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