Build Season: Day 1


Today marks the first day of the 2018 Build Season. Our team woke up early in the morning to go watch the game release at the Auburn High School kickoff event. You can view the game animation at:

FRC 2018 Game Animation

After watching the game animation, we broke off to view the game pieces and participate in break out groups that discussed rules and strategies for the game. Our team then went back to our own school and started to go over the game rules as a team, discuss strategy in smaller groups, and then share with each other. The rest of our meeting was spent talking among ourselves about strategies and possible mechanisms. We have created documents for team members to put down ideas about both strategy and mechanisms as well.

team members go over game rules

Going into our second meeting tomorrow, we plan to separate our team into two groups- strategy and prototyping. We hope that this weekend will give our team a nice kick start into the season.

We can’t wait to see what lies ahead in the next few months!

Ryleigh Weston

Secretary of Communications

Bear Metal Robotics


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