Build Season: Day 2


As the second day of our build season commenced, our team started to settle down and look at the game’s strategy and possible mechanisms with a critical eye. We broke off into our strategy and prototyping teams to start to work out the game.

The prototyping group started by going over the different mechanisms that we could use and comparing this year’s game to past years to find the best ways to approach it. They then broke down into different groups much like in our prototyping challenge and started to design and build various mechanisms.

The strategy team started off the day by creating minimum and stretch goals for each action. The difficulty of the game strategy and importance of the strategist (drive coach) position was revealed in the discussion. This team member will have to be able to make decisions faster than strategists in past games. Much of the match strategy will be determined during the autonomous period, especially in regards to what each alliance member will work on during the tele-operated period. This will require amazing communication skills in the drive team members.

Our strategists then went on to debating our priority list in relation to each of our competitions. This timeline of priorities will be infinitely important to our prototyping and design team in making decisions on what mechanisms we should use. Several members of our team also worked on creating a calculator spreadsheet in order to calculate possible scores.

Our team plans on continuing to make strives in both strategy and prototyping leading up to our Wednesday meeting in which the strategy will be shared with the team. After the meeting, we will continue to prototype but with a more focused approach.

This meeting has given our team a lot to consider within the next week and we plan on making great progress in the build process over the next week.


Thank you for your time!

Ryleigh Weston

Secretary of Communications

Bear Metal Robotics

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