Build Season: Day 3


Today we once again broke off into our strategy and prototyping groups. Our collector group tested out their mechanism, fixed gearboxes, and looked into other mechanisms. They plan on continuing to make new iterations.

The climbing group worked on brainstorming more ideas and testing them out. They have also discussed the teamwork aspect of climbing with such a small bar to hold on to.

The strategy group divided themselves up into two sub-groups. One group focused on what information needs to be relayed to the prototyping group in terms of robot design and the other focused on game-winning strategy. The strategy calculator was also finished and ready to use. We plan on finalizing our initial strategy and preparing our presentation to be ready for the Wednesday meeting. This strategy will change and develop more over build and competition season.

Until next time,

Ryleigh Weston

Secretary of Communications

Bear Metal Robotics

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