Build Season: Day 6

To whoever is listening,

Today we broke off into new groups- 2 competing collection groups (Sub-teams Epsilon and Romeo) and 1 climber group (Sub-teams Alpha and Bravo). The collector groups already had already been working on previous prototypes and were just tweaking them and looking into new options. Specifically:


Almost done with the hard prototype of the arm and will probably be done by tomorrow.


Changed and adjusted arm tubing on 2nd hard prototype of arm, tomorrow the arm will be adjusted because of problems with taking and releasing the box, also try different types of belt for guiding the box into the arm.


Went through different ideas for a climber.

They went through the pros/cons as follows:

Climber #1:


  • We can lift other robots
  • Simple to construct
  • We can climb


  • Extra distance off ground
  • Could damage other robots
  • Might pivet
  • Have to wait
  • Center Mass?
  • Deterioration after constant use

Climber #2:


  • Climbs from side
  • Out of the way for other alliance members
  • Uses other robots mechanisms


  • Have to climb further
  • Complicated concept
  • Twisting

They decided to pursue a simple mechanism that stays out of the way of other robots.

The climber group then created a list of what they need to do in order to get the prototype running.

The next few days will be essential to our team’s development.

Stay tuned,

Aldrich M.


Ryleigh Weston (on editing of course)

Bear Metal Robotics

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