Build Season: Day 15

We once again started off our Saturday meeting with breakfast being made by Bear Metal students. It was a very productive day with a large chunk of the work going into the programming chassis being done.

students and mentors relax during dinner

Programming: Continued the work from yesterday while progressing vision code and explaining what we have done to the other members.

Design: Continued to design our cube manipulator and refined our general design.

Assembly: Started work on assembling the drive chassis for the programmers.

Fabrication: Finished the milling of the programming chassis. Side tubes for the chassis had to be redone due to an issue with setting the y axis on the mill. 

Electronics: Finished the assembly and wiring of the programming chassis. Re-ID’d some Talon SRX and Victor SPX motor controllers. Looked into the possibility of connecting multiple sensors and devices to the Talon SRX’s data port. 

quick and dirty electronics board

Andy DeBolt

Bear Metal Robotics


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