Build Season: Day 33

Design: Noah was working on fixing the electronics board, while other designers were working on arm prototypes.

Fabrication: They are almost done with all the parts, all that needs to be done is milling a few more parts, a lot of post processing, and powder coating is finishing up the last of the larger parts.

Assembly: Assembly has been very busy because of the rapid amount of parts coming off powder coating and how fast our new powder coating oven is.

Electronics:They recently found out that their lift would hit the electronics board, they have sent the designers to redesign the location of the electronics board.

(no picture available)

Programming: Programming has been working on autonomous and a field  dashboard that shows the position of the robots, oh yea and a dial that goes to 11. “(no idea what that dial is about) (you can delete that if you want editor).” – > it goes to 11 

Kaden Gardner

Bear Metal Robotics

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