Darren Collins, advisor

Darren Collins, Adviser

Darren Collins teaches at Tahoma Senior High School, mainly physics but also astronomy and chemistry. He was introduced to the idea of a robotics team by a teacher from another school. Then, in 2006, he was approached by a group of students at Tahoma Senior High wanting to start a robotics team as part of the national FIRST Robotics Competition. Mr. Collins was suited for the adviser position on the Robotics team because he majored in physics and has a little experience with design and computer science. In 2012, Mr. Collins started a Robotics class at the High School. Mr. Collins is married with kids, and finds a balance between his family and work and the Robotics team. He enjoys music, camping, fishing, swimming, and a number of other outdoor activities. We really enjoy the opportunity that Mr. Collins has provided by being the leader of the Tahoma Robotics Team.


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Todd Hammerstrom, Assistant Coach

For fun, Todd loves to go rockhounding, and loves to go out on the lake on his very own boat. Todd was brought to Bear Metal in 2014 when his children, Ty and JT, found an interest in robotics. Todd is retired from his position at a telecommunications company where he worked on low voltage circuits and air pressure monitors.


Jonathan Grimm, mentor

Jonathan Grimm

Jonathan Grimm learned about robotics through his son, Justin when he joined an FLL team. Jonathan joined Bear Metal after a couple years as just a parent. He works as a computer consultant for Hitachi Consulting. He enjoys playing video games every now and then as well as driving his boat on the lake. His favorite part of robotics is “thinking of the different things you can do.” He also built a “battle bot.”



Matthew Lobeck

Matt Lobeck found out about our club at a Boeing booth at Seattle SeaFair in 2010 and realized we were located near where he lives. When he visited one of our meetings and saw all the potential and complexity of the students working together, he offered to be a mentor. Mr. Lobeck works at Boeing as a simulation systems project engineer. His spot of expertise is electronics, simulations, and technology, with 28 years of experience in engineering.


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Janice Nelson

After a 20-year career as a programmer, Janice Nelson became interested in Tahoma Robotics Club when her son, Mac, joined the club in his senior year. She assisted us that year with various logistical matters, including hotel bookings. After Mac’s graduation, Mrs. Nelson took the next year off, except for her support during the Portland FRC regional competition. But her fascination with our club’s robot-building activities has brought her back. Earlier this year, she helped with our fundraiser. Now she is assisting the design effort from a creative standpoint and helping with supervision of fabrication.


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Greg Ramig

Greg Ramig is a mentor for our team because he has fun working with the kids and he feels that he knows a lot about the different things we do in the club. Electronics is the main activity that he helps out with for the club. His knowledge of electronics comes from studying electronics engeneering and from being an electronic tech in the Army. In 2011 he really helped out Team Alpha with the minibot deployment mechanism, and he also helped with the electronics wiring for Ursa Major. Mr. Ramig has a motto about himself that he was kind enough to share with us: “If I can’t fix it, it ain’t broke.” That is pretty true about Mr. Ramig; he is a really awesome guy and I have enjoyed working with him this year.




Chelsea Olson

Currently Chelsea is working on her PhD in electrical engineering as well as doing embedded hardware and software design for defense systems. For fun Chelsea likes to go to yoga, walk her dogs, and and experimenting in the kitchen. Chelsea got involved in Bear Metal when Matt Lobeck told her about it and she got involved in the wiring of the 2012 robot, and she has been mentoring ever since.


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Austin Weary

Austin Weary joined our club in its first year. In our teams rookie season, we went to competition with a robot named Epic. Austin enjoyed this and would have been back the next year for more, but instead it was off to college. He found himself back here for the 2008 competition, but only for a short time — he had to go back to college after just a week. It was the same story for the 2009 season. Since then, Austin has been working closely with the lead in charge of data collection during the season and is still with us today.


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Bob Woodbury

By day a software developer, Bob Woodbury is a Tahoma Robotics Club software development mentor by night. Asked why he likes working with our club, he says: “There’s nothing else like it. Our club’s robots are very competitive, and the program is intellectually challenging — there is no high school sport more exciting than a FIRST robotics tournament.” He has helped the club develop software to scout other teams’ strengths and weaknesses during competition. As a mentor on the Robotics Team, Mr. Woodbury is a key player in our success and is greatly appreciated.


Robert Davis, mentor

Robert Davis

Mr. Davis has been working with club members as a mentor. Like many of our club’s mentors, Mr. Davis works for Boeing – he works on the P-8A program as Lead Software Architect. When Mitch, his son, became a club member, they both learned Autodesk Inventor together.


Ron Nielsen


Joe Burianek


Joseph O’Brien


Ted Veach


Ron Roppel


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