Houston World Championship

Bear Metal headed off to Houston this past week to attend the 2017 FIRST Robotics Championships. We played on the Turing field for the majority of the week, placing #6 for alliance selections, where we were picked by FRC team 1318 “IRS”. Our alliance then went on to pick FRC team 1595 “The Dragons” and FRC team 2907 “Lion Robotics”. This made us the only all Pacific Northwest alliance at the World Championships. We went on to win the Turing sub-division and continue onto the Einstein field, where we sadly lost all 5 of our matches. This was the first time that any of the teams on our alliance had ever been to the Einstein field, so just attending was a large accomplishment. This made it our fourth win this season, making it the best season Bear Metal has ever had.

Congratulations to our alliance partners, and we hope everyone else had a great season!

PNW District Championships

This weekend Bear Metal attended the Pacific Northwest District Championship in Cheney, Washington. At the end of our qualification matches, we were ranked #3 overall. We were then moved up to the #2 alliance captain and chose FRC team 2471 “Mean Machine” and FRC team 1595 “The Dragons”.  Our team went on to win the event, losing our first quarterfinals and semifinals matches, and winning our last finals match by a last second climb. This is our third consecutive win and second win with FRC team 1595 and we hope to continue winning. In two weeks we will be competing in Houston, Texas.

Congratulations to FRC teams 2471 and 1595, and we wish you luck in Houston.

Avery Weston

Secretary of Communications

Auburn Competition

This weekend, Bear Metal attended the Auburn District Competition. This event did not count toward our district points, so we used this event to get our backup drive team practice. At the end of qualification matches, we were ranked #10, and were chosen by the #3 seated alliance FRC team 4918 and went on to choose FRC team 5937. Our team won the event in the end, making it the second consecutive win for our team. We will be attending District Championships next weekend and hope that our luck continues.

Congratulations to FRC teams 4918 and FRC team 5937, and we wish you luck at District Championships.

Avery Weston

Secretary of Communications

CWU Competition

This last weekend, Bear Metal participated in the CWU District Event. We placed rank #3 at the end of qualification matches, with a 10-2-0 record. During alliance selection we were selected by FRC team 1595 The Dragons, and went on to choose FRC team 3219 Tread as our second pick. Our team continued on through finals to win the event, along with this we also won Judges Award at the event. We spent countless hours between our first and second competition perfecting our robot, and it paid off in the end.

Congratulations to teams 3219 and 1595 for the win, and we hope to see you at District Championships.


Our next event will be week 5 at Auburn, WA and we hope to continue and improve our robot until then.

Avery Weston

Secretary of Communications

Day 38

Today we continued to work on assembling our competition robot and fabricating pieces for it that need to be powder coated. Electronics team has been working hard to get all the electronics on the robot and we are starting to get back on track with building our robot.


Avery Weston

Secretary of Communications

Day 36

Manufacturing of our pieces has almost been completed for both the practice and competition robots. We are going to see more assembly taking place in the next couple days and the electronics team will be hard and work till the end of the build season. We also have the programming team working hard to fine tune all the programs they have made, and this isn’t hard because of the especially large programming team this year. The large CNC mill that we normally use is currently out of commission but should be up and running within the next couple of days thanks to one of our mentors dedicating his time to fixing it.

Avery Weston

Secretary of  Communications

Day 29

Today we worked on getting the Chassis of both our practice and competition robot completed. We have made a lot of advancements in the past week of fabrication and assembly and hope to continue to be productive. We have been powder coating all our pieces for the competition robot using our makeshift oven and hopefully we can complete all our pieces in it.


Avery Weston

Day 25

Today, we continued to mill out parts. We also continued to work on the practice robot by finishing the chassis and putting a temporary electronics board on the robot to drive. We also started to powder coat our competition robot parts.

~Ryleigh Weston

Day 24

Today we continued to machine pieces of our robot for both our practice and competition robot. Manufacturing is going well and we have people working all the time to get the pieces done. This Friday we will be going to Flow to get a tour of their facility and will be having them water cut a few of our plate pieces out. We have also released the form to suggest names for our practice and competition robot and they have been… interesting at the least.

20170131_181303 20170131_181318

Avery Weston,

Secretary of Communications