Build Season: Day 46 – The Final Stretch

Today marks the final day of build season! It was a day of extensive testing on the robot, with programming and prototype iterations. Confirming working autonomous programs, climbing to defeat the boss, and scoring power cubes to reach our goals. Team friends and family members gathered for a presentation, our team leaders delivered explanations and speeches, and a team photo was taken.

Design lead Noah talks about to students, mentors, and parents alike about this year’s robot

Bear Metal students gather around Ursa Origin, Ursa Major, and Gatorade

Students hold gate as it starts to fall during photo

Our 2018 robots name was announced! Our competition robot has been dubbed “Ursa Origin” because of strong resemblances to our 2011 robot, Ursa Major– ‘ursa’ meaning bear. As well as this year marking our 12th season. The team made its start in Portable 12 at our previous high school, making this our Origin.


Club president hunkers down with Ursa Origin

Our 2018 practice bot has been lovingly named “Gatorade” for our yellow powder coated parts spending a bit too long in the oven, giving the parts a Gatorade yellow appearance.

With our robot bagged at 8:46 pm PST, we have bagged our robot at 20:46, a tradition that we hope to keep for the years to come.

This marks the end of one successful, exhilarating, and fun build season!
Our team is confirmed for competing at the following events:

Clackamas Academy

Auburn High


Auburn Mountainview

As always, you can track our team on The Blue Alliance to see match play, rankings, etc. Just look up ‘2046’ or ‘Bear Metal’.

Thank you to all of our mentors, parents, and sponsors that have aided us in this accomplishment.

Good luck to you all in this FRC Power Up! season.


Jayce Grimm


Ryleigh Weston

Bear Metal Robotics

The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Woodbury

In January, our team sadly lost a valuable mentor, Bob Woodbury. Moving to the Seattle area for the University of Washington computer science program, Mr. Woodbury built a career as a web designer and software developer. Mr. Woodbury crossed paths with Bear Metal in 2008. Throughout his years working with our team, he became an influential mentor. Initially he helped develop software for scouting, but soon shifted his focus to supporting our business and award teams. He helped edit and review press releases, award submissions, and website posts. Mr. Woodbury’s serious demeanor and passion for robotics motivated many members. His commitment to our team inspired everyone and our team was better for it. We greatly appreciate all that he did for our team. Bob Woodbury, you will be missed.

Bear Metal Robotics

Build Season: Day 40

The electronics team was able to finish the practice robot within the first part of the build day. Moving on, we worked on wiring up the competition robot. The programming team worked on the practice robot and our lift system. Design continued to work on different collector iterations. Apex Robotics paid our team a visit to test out some of their mechanisms on our scale.

Ryleigh “Wire Queen” Weston

Secretary of Communications

Bear Metal Robotics

Build Season: Day 39

Today we finished wiring the majority of the practice robot. While working on competition robot pneumatics, a tube broke off into a small fitting which set us back on our progress. We were able to get the robot powered up and are almost ready to hand off to our programmers. The prototyping group continued to look at several iterations. A group of students took apart our old prototyping robot.


Ryleigh Weston

Secretary of Communications

Bear Metal Robotics

Build Season: Day 38

We worked on getting the practice robot electronics done. With troubleshooting out of the way we were able to make lots of progress. Design decided on the collector but separated out into groups in order to continue prototypes. Continuous prototyping will help us to improve collector functionality over the course of the build season. Going into this week, we will be finishing off the electronics boards and handing the robots over to the programming team. The programmers in the mean time have been working on autonomous pathing.

Ryleigh Weston

Secretary of Communications

Bear Metal Robotics

Build Season: Day 34

Today we had a successful day.

Fabrication finished up a few small parts and worked on bumper mounting hardware.

Design continued working on a prototype claw.

Assembly is working on building the gearboxes and robots.

Meanwhile programming is continuing to work on autonomous and Electronics is still waiting on design.

Nicholas Kirschbaum

Bear Metal Robotics