Build Season: Day 34

Today we had a successful day.

Fabrication finished up a few small parts and worked on bumper mounting hardware.

Design continued working on a prototype claw.

Assembly is working on building the gearboxes and robots.

Meanwhile programming is continuing to work on autonomous and Electronics is still waiting on design.

Nicholas Kirschbaum

Bear Metal Robotics

Build Season: Day 33

Design: Noah was working on fixing the electronics board, while other designers were working on arm prototypes.

Fabrication: They are almost done with all the parts, all that needs to be done is milling a few more parts, a lot of post processing, and powder coating is finishing up the last of the larger parts.

Assembly: Assembly has been very busy because of the rapid amount of parts coming off powder coating and how fast our new powder coating oven is.

Electronics:They recently found out that their lift would hit the electronics board, they have sent the designers to redesign the location of the electronics board.

(no picture available)

Programming: Programming has been working on autonomous and a field  dashboard that shows the position of the robots, oh yea and a dial that goes to 11. “(no idea what that dial is about) (you can delete that if you want editor).” – > it goes to 11 

Kaden Gardner

Bear Metal Robotics

Build Season: Day 32

Today we have been continuing the same projects. However, today the programmers worked on updating the 2017 code so that our robot is primed and ready for outreach. This Saturday, team members will be waving signs at Four Corners in order to pass a Tahoma School District levy for CTE.

Robot not done.

Ryleigh Weston

Secretary of Communications

Bear Metal Robotics

Build Season: Day 31

We worked on getting more parts done and organized for our assembly days. Through the next couple of days we will be finishing the assembly of our robot. The prototyping team continued to make iterations of our collector prototype.

Ryleigh Weston

Bear Metal Robotics

Build Season: Day 29

The day started off slow with much of our team being out with the flu this week. However, we made significant progress with our uprights and a big chunk our of lifting mechanism being powder coated and assembled onto both robots. We will continue to work hard over the next week to get the rest of our robots completely assembled and wired. After that, it will be off to the programmers to get our autonomous and tele-op code finished.

Ryleigh Weston

Bear Metal Robotics

Build Season: Day 28

Today we continued to work on different iterations of collector mechanisms. Our original prototype broke due to a standoff not being put on and we have since made changes to the design. The programming team continued to work on chassis code among others. Fabrication continued to work on milling out parts. The Chairman’s team made significant progress in cutting down our essay to the proper amount of characters. Electronics worked on making a pits checklist and troubleshooting design. Design worked on getting our electronics board ready.

Ryleigh Weston

Bear Metal Robotics