Mattress Fundraiser Results

We had our 4th Annual Mattress Fundraiser in collaboration with the We The People Foundation last Saturday, and it was a big success! Each group earned over $5,000 from the event. Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to the fundraiser! If you’d like to donate to our team but didn’t get a chance to come out to the school this weekend, you can find more information about contributing right here under the donate tab.
Thank you,

Catherine Kirschbaum
Secretary of Communications
Bear Metal Robotics

Chezy Champs Recap

Hi All,

We had a great competition this weekend down in San Jose California at Chezy Champs! We played hard in our qualification matches on Saturday and Sunday, with a record of 8 wins 2 losses and ranked 5th overall at the competition. We then selected teams 2910, Jack in the Bot from Henry M. Jackson High School in Mill Creek, WA; 1983, Skunkworks Robotics, a 4-H team from Seattle WA; and 3250, Kennedy Robotics from John F. Kennedy High School in Sacramento California to play with us in eliminations. Our alliance won our quarterfinal matches, but we’re sadly eliminated in the semi-finals after two tough matches. Thanks so much to all our alliance members, and to our host team 254, The Cheesy Poofs, for the wonderful event. We loved the high level of competition. Looking forward to next year.

The team at Chezy Champs

Us on the field with our host, team 254

Catherine Kirschbaum
Secretary of Communications
Bear Metal Robotics

Washington Girls’ Generation T-Shirt Contest (2018)



The 2018 Washington Girls’ Generation competition will be all day on October 27th, 2018. This year, we will be holding a contest for a t-shirt design. The winner of the contest will receive a $100 Amazon gift card and a free shirt in their size.

Here is the criteria:

Max of 3 colors. Has to say “Washington Girls’ Generation 2018” or some other variation somewhere on the shirt (“Washington Girls’ Gen” “Washington Girls’ Gen 2018” etc.) Must be a .ai vector file and have thick lines.

All contest submissions must be in by October 3rd. You can submit multiple designs to this form.

Good luck!

Thank you,

Ryleigh Weston

Vice President

Tahoma Robotics Club


Hi Everyone!

Our team, with the help of the Bear Metal Booster Club, has been carefully saving and raising funds for the past couple of years for a new CNC Mill to manufacture our robot parts. We were just notified yesterday that we have an opportunity to have $40,000 in matching funds, but the opportunity expires on June 1st if we don’t meet our goal. We need to raise about $20,000 in the next 10 days to reach this goal. This piece of machinery will help our team and also provide training in skilled trades for so many of the youth in the community.

We are asking for people to help us through donations and business sponsorships. Please share with family, friends and others you think would support this cause.

You can donate through FirstWA.

Put FRC 2046 in the box that says: ‘Want To Support A Specific Team? Enter Team Number Here’

OR mail a check to:

Bear Metal Booster Club

P.O. Box 616

Maple Valley, WA 98038

Note Mill fund on your check.

Thank you so much!

Executive Team

Tahoma Robotics Club

An End and a Beginning


Over the past few months, our team has made huge strides in competition. We were finalists at the Auburn Event and received the Industrial Design Award for our robot’s capabilities and performance. At the Auburn Mountainview Event, we gave our backup drive team time to practice in official matches before switching off with our official drive team. Going into the finals with teams Error Code Xero and Chaos Theory, we were able to take home the blue. Additionally, we won the Chairman’s Award, an honor placed upon a team for their impact on STEM education and their community.

drive team and backup drive team

our team and our alliance partners, Error Code Xerox and Chaos Theory

team members at the Auburn Mountainview event

We advanced on to the Pacific Northwest District Championship in Portland, fighting long and hard over the three day competition, and making into the finals. However, we were beat out by an alliance of three other competitive teams in our district. We received the Innovation in Control award for our autonomous code and reliable robot function.

Advancing to the World Championship in Houston, TX team members learned a lot playing against some of the best teams in the world and attending conferences on business and management. We got to the semifinals on our field but lost out to the other alliance. Before we headed out of town, we visited the Johnson Space Center (NASA) and got to see applications of engineering on a larger scale.

team members at the championship in Houston

As our team put an end to the competition season, we have opened ourselves up for a new beginning. On Thursday, we held our team elections for the new executive board – the President, Vice-President, and Secretary of Communications were elected. On Friday morning a group of our students presented to the Maple Valley Rotary about our program and demonstrated our robot. Today we are showing off our robot and program at the Alaskan Airlines Aviation Day and later this week we will be doing the same at the Seattle Storm’s Storm into STEM event.

You can come see us at our stand at Maple Valley Days and in the parade from June 8th-10th. Come check us out to see our robot and drive some of our smaller outreach robots. Additionally, if you have a child going into grades 2-8, we still have spots open in our robotics camps which you can sign up for using the links in the post below.

Thank you!

Ryleigh Weston

Vice President

Bear Metal Robotics

Robotics Summer Camps 2018!


This summer we will be holding three sessions of our summer camp, all held at the new Tahoma High School. Campers aged 8-14 will learn how to build a robot in groups using VEX robotics parts and programming. Campers will be assisted by student counselors from our club. Participants will be given a game to play with specific tasks to score points much like what we do at the high school but at a smaller scale. On the fifth day of camp, campers will be able to compete against each other in a small competition in which family and friends are invited to watch.

Sign up forms for each camp are linked below. If you have a request for your child to be in a group with specific individuals, please indicate who in the notes section of the form as well as any other concerns or things that we should be made aware of.

Camp Session #1 (June 25th – June 29th):

  • Students entering grades 3-5
  • Cost: $200
  • Mon – Thu 9:00 am – 1:00 pm and Friday 8:30 am – 3:00 pm (competition day)

Camp Session #2 (July 9th – July 13th):

  • Students entering grades 6-8
  • Cost: $220
  • Mon – Thu 9:00 am – 2:30 pm and Friday 8:30 am – 3:00 pm (competition day)

Camp Session #3 (July 16th – July 20th):

  • Students entering grades 3-5
  • Cost: $200
  • Mon – Thu 9:00 am – 1:00 pm and Friday 8:30 am – 3:00 pm (competition day)


If you have any questions about the camp, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Thank you!

Ryleigh Weston

Secretary of Communications

Bear Metal Robotics

Clackamas Academy 2018

This weekend we competed in PNW District Clackamas Academy Event in Oregon City, OR. This year, the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) game was called FIRST Power Up and was video game themed. The objectives of the game were to gain control of scale-like elements and get “power ups” for addition points. More about the game can be seen here:
Our team fought long and hard over the two day competition to keep our position as the first place team. We ended the qualifying matches with a 12-0-0 record.

drive team members Zoey and Catherine

Going into the finals matches, we partnered ourselves with the Circuit Breakers (from Medical Lake, WA) and Mystic Biscuit (from Bend, OR). We played through mechanical and pneumatic issues using innovative techniques and with the help of our assembly team’s fast repairs.

pit crew members prepare for the next match

The gears used to move our lift kept breaking throughout the competition but we were able to continue on by replacement. To keep this from happening again, we plan on investing in steel gears that will stand the rigors of competition better.
We won quarter and semi finals with no losses. At the conclusion of the semifinals, our robot started to experience issues with pneumatics, making us unable to shift into low gear to climb so we opted for our alliance partner, 4513 to climb instead of us. The very final matches of the day were once again won 401 – 237 and 367 – 197, giving us the win for the competition with a clean slate.
We also received the Excellence in Engineering Award for our innovative integration of a lift and climber onto the same gearbox.

lead designer holds Excellence in Engineering award

Two of our students, Zoey Oshiro and Matthew Culp, were nominated for the Dean’s List award, an award that recognizes students for their leadership and dedication to the FIRST program and their communities. Matthew Culp moved on as a Dean’s List Finalist.
One of our valued mentors, Joseph O’Brien was also nominated for the Woodie Flower’s award, one awarded to a mentor that does an amazing job in teaching and inspiring pupils.
Our next competition will be at Auburn High School on March 17th and 18th. We plan on continuing to make improvements to our robot over the next two weeks in order to compete at the highest level possible.
Here is the footage of our finals matches:
To track our team over the following months, you can go to The Blue Alliance.
Thank you so much to all of our sponsors, parents, mentors, and other supporters for helping us get where we are now. A special shoutout goes to FIRST Washington, the Flaming Chickens, and Stormbots for the materials that they provided to help us get through the elimination matches. We can’t wait to see where this season goes!
Thank you,
Ryleigh Weston
Secretary of Communications
Bear Metal Robotics

Build Season: Day 46 – The Final Stretch

Today marks the final day of build season! It was a day of extensive testing on the robot, with programming and prototype iterations. Confirming working autonomous programs, climbing to defeat the boss, and scoring power cubes to reach our goals. Team friends and family members gathered for a presentation, our team leaders delivered explanations and speeches, and a team photo was taken.

Design lead Noah talks about to students, mentors, and parents alike about this year’s robot

Bear Metal students gather around Ursa Origin, Ursa Major, and Gatorade

Students hold gate as it starts to fall during photo

Our 2018 robots name was announced! Our competition robot has been dubbed “Ursa Origin” because of strong resemblances to our 2011 robot, Ursa Major– ‘ursa’ meaning bear. As well as this year marking our 12th season. The team made its start in Portable 12 at our previous high school, making this our Origin.


Club president hunkers down with Ursa Origin

Our 2018 practice bot has been lovingly named “Gatorade” for our yellow powder coated parts spending a bit too long in the oven, giving the parts a Gatorade yellow appearance.

With our robot bagged at 8:46 pm PST, we have bagged our robot at 20:46, a tradition that we hope to keep for the years to come.

This marks the end of one successful, exhilarating, and fun build season!
Our team is confirmed for competing at the following events:

Clackamas Academy

Auburn High


Auburn Mountainview

As always, you can track our team on The Blue Alliance to see match play, rankings, etc. Just look up ‘2046’ or ‘Bear Metal’.

Thank you to all of our mentors, parents, and sponsors that have aided us in this accomplishment.

Good luck to you all in this FRC Power Up! season.


Jayce Grimm


Ryleigh Weston

Bear Metal Robotics