Build Season: Day 23

Fabrication continued to mill out parts for the chassis. The assembly team worked on making our bumpers and doing more iterations of our collector mechanism to test out. Design team continued to work on making improvements leading up to another Critical Design Review. We have been getting lots of parts machined, post-processed, and powder coated. This year, we are powder coating both of our robots to make them as identical as possible. Going into this week, we will be doing a lot of assembly and finishing touches to our original design.

Ryleigh Weston

Bear Metal Robotics

Build Season: Day 22

We worked on continuing to mill out parts and was able to get some gear boxes done. Design worked on making more changes to our CAD. Programming wrote more chassis code using the programming robot. Electronics worked on grabbing all of the parts needed for the practice and competition robots. We also started off our drive team selection process with the rules and strategy test. We will later continue the process with an actual drive test to see how well the candidate can perform under pressure and work together. This gave us a great kickoff to the long weekend which should help us get ahead on the robot build.

Ryleigh Weston

Bear Metal Robotics

Build Season: Day 21 (REUPLOAD)

Fabrication continued milling parts for the practice and competition bots to be assembled over the next few days. While electronics finished work on the programming chassis’ pneumatics so that it can shift gears. Many parts were post processed and sorted out to be assembled later. Design continues to work on weight reduction for the entire robot. Programming works to get a working autonomous.

Evan Ottinger

Bear Metal Robotics

Build Season: Day 20

Today we worked on making changes to our design so that it would be ready for the Critical Design Review at 6PM. The assembly team took apart our old programming chassis. Fabricators worked on doing weight reduction on some of our gears.

A small group of members also broke off to work on business and essay writing.

This coming week is going to be big for fabrication and design as we start to mill out parts for our drive chassis and make fixes to our current design. We plan to have more design reviews on specific mechanisms before we start to mill them out.

The electronics team will be finishing off schematics and working on sensors over the next couple of days as well as giving the design team the information that they need in order to make the electronics board.

Ryleigh Weston

Bear Metal Robotics

Build Season: Day 19

  • We assembled the encoders for the gearboxes on our programming, practice, and competition bots, and put encoders on our programming chassis.
  • We found igus chain to use on our bot.
  • We trained team members to use the CNC lathe.
  • We continued machining parts for our robot.
  • Got the programming chassis to drive, recycling code/interfaces from last year.
  • Worked on making effects and slides to use for our weekly update videos.
  • Electronics worked on making schematics for the practice/competition robot.

Encoder assembly

Aidan Schatz

Bear Metal Robotics

Build Season: Day 18

Today, the designers worked on finishing up details on the robot and on the bumper mounts for the final design review. Fabricators worked to collect and size parts for the competition and practice robots. Assembly worked on finishing up the programming practice chassis. We encountered a few problems with the electronics board, but we were able to cut it down to a good size and mount it once again to the chassis. It’s currently just about finished and ready for the programmers to start testing code on. Electronics worked on upgrading our batteries to 4 gauge, and also on the programming chassis electronics board with the assembly team. Fabrication continued to mill out parts for the practice and competition robots. Build season is coming along well!

Catherine Kirschbaum

Bear Metal Robotics

Build Season: Day 17

Today, our assemblers worked hard to get the programming chassis finished.  Our designers kept working and improving, culminating in our preliminary review today and preparing for a final review of the main systems on Thursday. Programmers started to go over the methods of the robot while electronics worked hard to get the electronics board wired and ready. Fabrication is planning a long weekend to work on the competition bot as well.


Natalie Moffett

Bear Metal Robotics

Build Season: Day 15

We once again started off our Saturday meeting with breakfast being made by Bear Metal students. It was a very productive day with a large chunk of the work going into the programming chassis being done.

students and mentors relax during dinner

Programming: Continued the work from yesterday while progressing vision code and explaining what we have done to the other members.

Design: Continued to design our cube manipulator and refined our general design.

Assembly: Started work on assembling the drive chassis for the programmers.

Fabrication: Finished the milling of the programming chassis. Side tubes for the chassis had to be redone due to an issue with setting the y axis on the mill. 

Electronics: Finished the assembly and wiring of the programming chassis. Re-ID’d some Talon SRX and Victor SPX motor controllers. Looked into the possibility of connecting multiple sensors and devices to the Talon SRX’s data port. 

quick and dirty electronics board

Andy DeBolt

Bear Metal Robotics