Day 12

Today everyone continued to work on prototyping and worked on finalizing their designs of their prototype. Fabrication worked on helping mill parts for Apex Robotics and their robot. Programming continued to work on the program and finalize any errors that they could find within their code. Overall prototypes are finalized and the design of the altogether robot should start soon.


Avery Weston,

Secretary of Communications

Day 11

Our team today has continued to work on their prototypes and continuing to refine them. Everyone has been continuing to work hard to design, fabricate, and test these and a lot of progress has been made in the past week since kickoff. The programming team has done a lot of work as well getting the various prototypes programmed. Integration between the different prototypes has been going well and allowed for a good idea for what the robot will look like in the end.

-Avery Black

Day 6

Today our team is continuing to refine prototypes for the different mechanisms. Each mechanism appears to be coming together and we are starting to realize what our robot will look like. Everyone is hard at work testing geometry, motors, and other systems. Steamworks is proving to be an interesting game and we are very excited to keep building!

20170112_160349 20170112_163645 (2) 20170112_163726 (2)


Joe Schweitzer

Deputy Media Secretary of the Vice Assistant to the Co-Treasury Director of the President of the Exalted Alliance of the Two Chairmen of the Tahoman Robotic Dominion

Day 5

We continued working in our sub teams but most of us broke off and help other teams. We worked on making our collector, hopper, shooter, and climbing mechanism. The collector made some good improvement but all around each one of our products has made a solid foundation on what their supposed to be and what they do. Now we continue to work on the design for the composition robot and any little tweaks to make the robot’s performance better.


Gabe Howard

Day 3

After kickoff our team broke up into sub teams to begin our brainstorming our mechanisms and to begin our prototyping process while the strategy team began to crunch numbers to find the best autonomous and teleoperated strategy. Im really looking forward to see how this robot fits together and how it will work in competition. Unfortunately though we have a lot of successful un-integrated machines, so right now our team will have to focus on connecting these various mechanisms.


Adam Wulfing

Bear Metal heads to World Championship

With district competition behind us, Bear Metal now heads to St. Louis for the 2016 FIRST Championship (the “World Championship”) later this month. Over the course of district competition, we competed in three qualification tournaments and then the district championship in Portland. Currently, we are ranked eighth in terms of district ranking points in the Pacific Northwest District. Continue reading