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Robot Stolen

Last weekend after our competition when our winning robot got home and when everyone went to sleep some one stole our trailer and either damaged or stole everything inside. Thank you to everyone and every team who has reached out words of hope.

PosterSmallTiny RIP

Kiro 7: School Team’s Winning Robot Stolen from Trailer

Important Official Notice

Hear ye, hear ye, all fine inhabitants of the Kingdom of Bear Metal. The time has come to bid adieu to Xcalibear. O’er the past 2 days, 30 teams gathered in the battlegrounds of Philomath, Oregon where Xcalibear endured many rounds of fierce and exhausting competitions. At the end of the feuds, Xcalibear, serving as the gallant leader of the alliance with Apex Robotics and Stormbots, was victorious! Xcalibear was proud of the conquest, capturing the blue Event Winner banner, and looked forward to proudly displaying the banner in the Village of Collins, fondly referred to the “shop.” The physical battle took a toll on Xcalibear, suffering wounds, such as 3 bent axles, a chain derailment, ripped-off pneumatics and minor polycarbonate cracks. The peasants competently repaired the injuries in Philomath, yet Xcalibear was eagerly looking forward to a couple of leisurely days convalescing before preparing for the next battle at Auburn High School, a mere 6 days away.

Team Photo (Philomath)

Unfortunately during Xcalibear’s journey to bring the banner back to the Kingdom of Bear Metal, Xcalibear was snatch in the prime of life in the mean streets of Auburn, Washington. The Bear Metal chariot has been recovered, but location of its contents and of Xcalibear remains a mystery. It is an inexplicable, sad loss, but one that will not hold down the Kingdom of Bear Metal for long!
Sir Bearington, first in line as successor to the Kingdom of Bear Metal, will take over reign and begin official duties Monday March 28, immediately after school. Do not miss the inaugural ceremony and knighthood of Sir Bearington! Fortuitously the blue Event Winner banner was safely entrusted to Lady Alicia at Philamoth, thus the ceremony will also include raising of the banner in the Village of Collins.

Sir Bearington, although not yet attained maturity, has cut his gear teeth in the science of battles by serving as the practice robot of the Kingdom of Bear Metal for a couple months now and has even travelled yonder to the field of Skunkworks. Sir Bearington has the same keen autonomous ability and stealth maneuverability as Xcalibear, yet due to his youth does not display black and yellow bling. The stellar ballista, dependable defense defender and the hardy blue and red bumpers were safely secured within the cavernous Ramig castle and have been bequeathed to Sir Bearington.

May Xcalibear rest in peace and Sir Bearington competently lead the Kingdom of Bear Metal towards technological robotic domination at Worlds!

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