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An End and a Beginning

An End and a Beginning



Over the past few months, our team has made huge strides in competition. We were finalists at the Auburn Event and received the Industrial Design Award for our robot’s capabilities and performance. At the Auburn Mountainview Event, we gave our backup drive team time to practice in official matches before switching off with our official drive team. Going into the finals with teams Error Code Xero and Chaos Theory, we were able to take home the blue. Additionally, we won the Chairman’s Award, an honor placed upon a team for their impact on STEM education and their community.

drive team and backup drive team

our team and our alliance partners, Error Code Xerox and Chaos Theory

team members at the Auburn Mountainview event

We advanced on to the Pacific Northwest District Championship in Portland, fighting long and hard over the three day competition, and making into the finals. However, we were beat out by an alliance of three other competitive teams in our district. We received the Innovation in Control award for our autonomous code and reliable robot function.

Advancing to the World Championship in Houston, TX team members learned a lot playing against some of the best teams in the world and attending conferences on business and management. We got to the semifinals on our field but lost out to the other alliance. Before we headed out of town, we visited the Johnson Space Center (NASA) and got to see applications of engineering on a larger scale.

team members at the championship in Houston

As our team put an end to the competition season, we have opened ourselves up for a new beginning. On Thursday, we held our team elections for the new executive board – the President, Vice-President, and Secretary of Communications were elected. On Friday morning a group of our students presented to the Maple Valley Rotary about our program and demonstrated our robot. Today we are showing off our robot and program at the Alaskan Airlines Aviation Day and later this week we will be doing the same at the Seattle Storm’s Storm into STEM event.

You can come see us at our stand at Maple Valley Days and in the parade from June 8th-10th. Come check us out to see our robot and drive some of our smaller outreach robots. Additionally, if you have a child going into grades 2-8, we still have spots open in our robotics camps which you can sign up for using the links in the post below.

Thank you!

Ryleigh Weston

Vice President

Bear Metal Robotics

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