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Bear Metal heads to World Championship

Bear Metal heads to World Championship

2016 2016 Competition Season

With district competition behind us, Bear Metal now heads to St. Louis for the 2016 FIRST Championship (the “World Championship”) later this month. Over the course of district competition, we competed in three qualification tournaments and then the district championship in Portland. Currently, we are ranked eighth in terms of district ranking points in the Pacific Northwest District.

In the first week of March, at Auburn Mountainview High school, we made it to the final rounds. Losing in the final match, we nevertheless won the Industrial Design Award for outstanding robot design, and team member Bradley Davis was a Dean’s List Award semifinalist.

Over the following weeks, we worked with our practice robot and improved our game. At the end of March, we traveled to Philomath, Oregon, where our team advanced through the qualification and semifinal rounds, and then to the final rounds. At the end of the day, our alliance won the final match and we took home the trophy. The next morning, we learned that our trailer, with competition robot and tools, had been stolen.

We spent several hectic days bringing our practice robot up to competition standards. Fortunately, in midweek in the dead of night, the stolen robot was dropped in front of our school. We made repairs and competed with it the first weekend in April at Auburn High School. In this tournament, we made it to the semifinals. We were recognized with the Engineering Inspiration Award, which celebrates outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering within a team’s school and community, and mentor Todd Hammerstrom was nominated for the Woodie Flowers award.

In mid-April, at the district championship in Portland, we advanced to the semifinal rounds, but did not reach the finals. Still, Bear Metal qualified for the World Championship in St. Louis on April 27-30. Our robot will be going by road and will need to get an early start. The rest of us will fly.

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