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Bear Metal wins Peak Performance

Bear Metal wins Peak Performance

2018 Off-Season


Bear Metal had an excellent competition this Saturday at Peak Performance! We were able to win all six of our qualification matches and ranked 2 out of 28.  We then went on to choose team 1318 the Issaquah Robotics Society from Issaquah High School and team 2733 Pigmice from Cleveland High School as our alliance members for the elimination matches. We fought hard in quarter and semifinals. The drivers were at the top of their game, and the programming team’s hard work showed in our autonomous. The robot was able to place three cubes in the scale in the 15 seconds allotted for the autonomous period. We dominated the first final, but as we climbed for endgame, our gearbox broke. With hard work from the pit crew and a little luck, however, we were able to put the robot back on the field and play our second finals match. We lost it by a close margin but were able to come back and win the third final. With best out of three, we won the event! Thanks to our alliance members, and to all the teams at the event. It was a wonderful competition, and we were glad to compete.

Our drive team poses with drive teams from 1318 (right) and 2733 (left). Driver, Shane Beres holds the coveted trophy.

The robot places a power cube on the scale during its autonomous period.

Catherine Kirschbaum
Secretary of Communications
Bear Metal Robotics

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