DAY 34

Today assembly is assembling the collector, working on bumpers and reassembling the shooter, as well as assembling bumper mounts. Their goal for today is to get as many of the subsystems as possible finished and put on the robot as soon as they can. The electronics subteam is wiring as much of the robot as they can with the current amount of subsystems on the robot. Their goal for today and the next couple days is to complete all of the electronics by this coming Saturday. Fabricators are machining parts for the collector. Today’s goal is to get parts done for the collector, and to start to CAM parts for the climber. Design is continuing to work on finishing up the robot design so the fabricators can machine the rest of the parts. The goal for them today is to hopefully finish certain subsystems.New programmers are continuing their training, the veterans are working on robot code. Their goal today is to finish individual issues on the issue board. Business is working on drafting their business plan, chairman’s presentation and community night posters. Media is editing the  weekly update; they also worked with business to come up with a plan for the chairman’s video. Their goal today is to get the rough cut for the weekly update done. Part of the team was also doing strategy testing today, this is the second of three tests members take to determine the drive team.

by Grace Tuttle

DAY 31

We assembled the encoders for the gearboxes on our programming, practice, and comp bots, and put encoders on our programming chassis. We also found igus chain to use on our bot. We trained team members to use the CNC lathe. Additionally, we continued machining parts for our robot. Programming chassis to drive, recycling code/interfaces from last year. Making our video build logs

by Rose Schatz

DAY 29

Design: Designing on a secret project for the robot and competition season.

Assembly: Finished the super structure and assembling certain pieces to the chassis. They also worked hard to complete the robot.

Electronics: Prototyping the shooter, wire routing, and working on schematics for the shooter.

Programming: They worked on the autonomous movements for the robot and writing competition code.

Executive: Preparing potential individuals for competition and drive team positions.

Business: They worked hard on advertising and planning for Chairman’s presentations and competition.

Fabrication: Helped Assembly team with manufacturing and aiding in any and all projects.

by Brady Deyak

DAY 27

Electronics: Electronics was busy at work designing the wiring routing for the chassis.

Assembly: Assembly helped to post process as well as assembling the chassis.


Fabrication: Fabrication was working on finishing parts for the robot, they also had to deal with machine difficulties.

Programming: Programming was working hard on competition code. 

Design: Design was working on the electronics board and a special secret.

Business: Business was working on the Chairman’s

Media: Worked on weekly update

by Lily Oliphant

DAY 25

Electronics: Electronics are finishing their wire extensions from the motors to the PDP.

Assembly: Assembling the chassis and finishing post processing. Also, the remaining members are working on the shooter.


Fabrication: Creating small parts for fab weekend, powder coating, helping Assembly with post processing.

Programming: Writing competition code. 

Design: Working on electronic board with electronics.

Business: Working on chairman’s.

by Alex Brown

DAY 23

Fabrication is working on finishing the plate for the chassis as well as the cam for the mechanisms. Fab team got cake. Design was converting parts for Flow. Business was working on the news letter.

by Ethan Bertrand

DAY 22

Today design worked on the placements of the subsystems on the chassis, while the practice electronics board was finished and put to use by Andy. The practice field has one and a half panels assembled and upright. Finally, assembly cut wood panels and did some post processing in milled parts.

by Hope Dean

DAY 21

Electronics is working on the electronics board for the robot. Fabrication is making tubes, and milling out the entire robot today. Assembly is working on a list. Design is fixing their designs and creating .dxf files to send to FLOW. Business is working on the chairman’s final draft and working on the start the story board for the chairman’s video. Programming is working on code academy to practice. 

by Paige Hanson

DAY 20

Fabrication has been CAMing parts designed by the design team, preparing them for the HAAS. Aside from CAM, design team continues to simulate new ideas and design more parts.  Electronics is doing wire stuff in the shop. Meanwhile, business team is cramming the Chairman’s essay before the due date, attempting to survive through the upcoming weeks. We are almost finished with the final draft.

by Kira Corona

DAY 18

Breaking News: Today, all of our designers are especially busy. With our different mechanisms finished designers are working on putting them in the robot assembly and fixing design errors for our upcoming design review on Thursday. Designers and Electronics members are working on how we’re going to mount our electronics panel and especially the PDP (power distribution panel) placement. Our fabricators are working on machining axles for our drive train and gussets and tubes for our ********* (company policy). Finally, programmers are creating the scouting app we’ll use at competitions and finalizing

preliminary code for our robot.

Weather Update: It’s Washington what do you think.

by Jack Burberry

DAY 17

Today is a pretty slow day, most of the people here are design. We recently had our preliminary design review so this week the design team will be working on the initial bot design. A couple of programmers are also here working on a new scouting app for this year that will make scouting much easier and more accurate. Most others are working on a new system for the travel pit that will insure having what we need and not losing it at competitions.

by Andres Vargas

DAY 15

Saturday: Today was a slow day for us. We disassemble old prototypes in the morning. Design worked more on 1st robot CAD. We were assembling prototypes to see how the mechanism functions together. After dinner was had a preliminary design review.

by Payton Lafon

DAY 14

Weather Update: It was extremely icy this morning but, there was still school, so we were still on schedule.

Friday: The prototyping groups continued on with there work selected mechanisms. Electronics team were working together to improve their crimping and soldering skills. They also fixed the motor crimps on the Falcon 500’s.

by Luca Tuttle

DAY 13

Weather update: No snow today, just been very windy. There were a few power outages last night due to wind, but the weather is beginning to chill out (haha get it). The snow is melting and roads have been pretty icy still so the last few days have been 2 hour delayed start.

Design: drafting models for final design of robot

Fabrication: Doing CAM for chassis, machining gussets 

Electronics: wiring the falcon 500’s (new motors)

Assembly: drilling tubes for rollers which will go over bumper

Programming: working on code to move balls from collector to launching system and developing actual launching system

Business: hard at work on the Chairman’s essay.’

Media: capturing footage, working on website, and editing for weekly video

At 6 there was a chassis design review that was open to the whole team.

by Maya Cheam

DAY 11

Tuesday: Today was a snow day, which means that our team gets a day to work on prototypes. Our design team got the entire day to work on the chassis and modify the initial robot design. Electronics team was wringing batteries. Programming got the day off, because they could not get to the school safely.

Weather Update: Snow day. Shop was open today but roads were icy and covered in snow.

by Jenna Kriz

DAY 10

Monday: Yesterday was sunday and we had a day off, so today the team came back harder than we were before. Today the team continued working on the prototyping iterations that we had been working on over the weekend. Our practice field crew worked on cutting wood and preparing to meet with some local teams to create the field elements. Our media team released the week 1, weekly update so go check out our youtube channel. Our business team worked with our secretary of communications to send out the emails to sponsors about the available sponsor panel space at the practice field.

Weather Update: Today we got about 2 inches of snow but school was still on. We are hoping tomorrow the school stays open so we can get to the shop and work on our prototypes and prep for our chassis design review.

by Brandon DeFrance


Saturday: Fabrication was working on making and CAMing parts for Design to incorporate in the prototypes. Design was finalizing their prototypes with new parts. Assembly was working on two collectors, a collector and a newer prototyped collector that uses *****. Programming was writing code for the movement of the robot on the field, they are about 2 weeks ahead of schedule, which is looking good for auto. Media was editing for the first week of build season. Electronics was rewiring batteries.

Weather Update: With snow coming in tonight till the end of the week, we prepared the shop with the essential needs of survival in the shop during the next week.

by Trace Tomlin


Friday: Today we tested many of our prototyped mechanisms. We collected some data about our device capable of collecting the power cells without jamming. Additionally, we tested another mechanism that has to do with the power cells, and after taking note on what can be improved on in the future, we got started on a new prototype. The programming team has been working hard to develop the method of moving the robot around is getting closer to being completed, and the mechanism to move balls inside our robot is being tested and tuned up. Our Business team has been working hard on Chairman’s and preparing for hosting FLL Semifinals next weekend.

Weather Update: The presence of snow is looming in the next week. Hopefully it will not disrupt our current schedule.

by Daniel Castelluccio


Weather Update: started the day with large, frosty flakes falling from the sky, ending after only 2 ½ hours with a cold, sleek rain

Looking Forward: a heavy amount of snow is foreseen for the next week, we will see how this can affect our teams progress on our bot.

Today: we accomplished quite a bit. Early into our meeting at 2:30, our whole team discussed what they had accomplished in the past 6 days. After a quick talk from Collins and our Club Leaders, we broke up into our smaller groups. Most teams are preparing to switch their main building material from wooden proof of concepts, to metal as a final product. Some of our design members finished working on CAD for their prototypes and re-designs for earlier constructs. After 2 hours of diligent work, almost all of our groups have successfully running prototypes. Well, we will see what happens tomorrow with the progression of our main robot. At the beginning of the meeting our Fabrication lead, Natasha, led a group out to the practice field to clean and tape up ripped carpet.

by Zorrin Danz


Wednesday: Prototyping continued, with Justin’s device capable of moving. It was tested and adjusted. The flat mechanism was taken apart after testing did not meet our standards. Later, we eventually rebuilt it to slightly better results. Design continues on the chassis and edits were made to the design of The *** (censored under company policy).

Weather update: we had an hour and a half of light snowfall.

Looking Forward: the forecast shows snow for the next week. So we will see how the snow affects our schedule.

by Fabio Varges


3:00pm -Teams grouped up and started to set up their plans and designs.

Fabio’s team had some sort of prototype to be set up. Everybody’s was making stuff to test out to see what’s best for the game. Kasen’s team has a large thing with two motors and two big wheels. Jack’s team has a thing with a long axle and a lot of big wheels. A lot of prototypes are still being finalized.

4:00pm – there are folks outside who are trying out something. People are continuing to make parts and assemble their “stuff”. Everybody’s in the shop just testing prototypes (safely). The Media team is trying to make everybody turn their heads to make an anime intro for the week review video. Business is working on Chairman’s. Jack’s team is putting their stuff in CAD right now.

5:00pm – Food time and everybody is hungry, Kira’s mom brought Black Bean Chili with Chicken and Pita. People are putting their concepts on to wooden stands. The food was delicious, back to work now as the few people we have return to their projects.

6:00pm – Zoey’s team as a large base already built and are examining it for any stuff as they continue to add things to it. The workshop is continuing to be used to manufacture parts for the other teams, very productive day, hopefully I have to cleanup now with Henry Robinson.

by Barkhas Senguun


Today we were continuing prototyping out our ideas for collectors, intakes, and various shooters. Our practice field leads and a alumni worked together to work on ordering stock for the shield generator piece. Our chairman’s team and media team worked together to develop our theme that we will incorporate in our presentation, video, and essay. Looking forward, we are ahead of schedule and are preparing for the prototyping review on Thursday.

by Caley Watts

DAY 2 

Today we were prototyping and working on concepts for shooters, climbing and ideas to spin the wheel of fortune. We also developed and finalized our strategy on how to score points and what goals we wanted to reach for each of our components. Overall we were all doing our best to get the robot started up, and coordinate work efforts to work as a team. 

by Caden Schepel

DAY 1 

Today was a very eventful day for Bear Metal robotics team, as well as every other team in the FIRST Robotics competition. After we watched the game animation at Auburn High School, the team went back to Tahoma High and went over the game manual in depth, this allowed many of our new and returning members to ask questions and clarify certain rules.

After lunch, we broke into our early build season groups, method conceptualization, strategy, prototyping crew, and practice field set up, to work together and start brainstorming ideas. Both our method conceptualization and strategy groups came up with some great ideas that our prototyping groups will be experimenting and testing tomorrow morning. 

by Lily Oliphant