Starting 5:45 am at the Tahoma High School, Bear Metal meets to leave for Auburn High school. At 7:15 am, Stronghold was released. The game has a medieval theme where robots capture the opposing alliance’s castle by shooting boulders, and destroying defenses. Auburn had wood models of the defenses made so we could see what they look like and how they function.IMG_0188






Our team, as four sub teams, split to dissect the game manual. They analyzed rules, the arena, and the scoring options.


After each sub team created a possible strategy, they shared their ideas with the group.IMGA0005

To conclude the day, the designers got the CAD of the field, fabricators finished some preseason training, programmers thought about the idea of having 10,000 separate autonomous routines, and electronics played with the oscilloscope from the kit of parts.




See ya in the courtyard!


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