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Clackamas Academy 2018

Clackamas Academy 2018


This weekend we competed in PNW District Clackamas Academy Event in Oregon City, OR. This year, the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) game was called FIRST Power Up and was video game themed. The objectives of the game were to gain control of scale-like elements and get “power ups” for addition points. More about the game can be seen here:
Our team fought long and hard over the two day competition to keep our position as the first place team. We ended the qualifying matches with a 12-0-0 record.

drive team members Zoey and Catherine

Going into the finals matches, we partnered ourselves with the Circuit Breakers (from Medical Lake, WA) and Mystic Biscuit (from Bend, OR). We played through mechanical and pneumatic issues using innovative techniques and with the help of our assembly team’s fast repairs.

pit crew members prepare for the next match

The gears used to move our lift kept breaking throughout the competition but we were able to continue on by replacement. To keep this from happening again, we plan on investing in steel gears that will stand the rigors of competition better.
We won quarter and semi finals with no losses. At the conclusion of the semifinals, our robot started to experience issues with pneumatics, making us unable to shift into low gear to climb so we opted for our alliance partner, 4513 to climb instead of us. The very final matches of the day were once again won 401 – 237 and 367 – 197, giving us the win for the competition with a clean slate.
We also received the Excellence in Engineering Award for our innovative integration of a lift and climber onto the same gearbox.

lead designer holds Excellence in Engineering award

Two of our students, Zoey Oshiro and Matthew Culp, were nominated for the Dean’s List award, an award that recognizes students for their leadership and dedication to the FIRST program and their communities. Matthew Culp moved on as a Dean’s List Finalist.
One of our valued mentors, Joseph O’Brien was also nominated for the Woodie Flower’s award, one awarded to a mentor that does an amazing job in teaching and inspiring pupils.
Our next competition will be at Auburn High School on March 17th and 18th. We plan on continuing to make improvements to our robot over the next two weeks in order to compete at the highest level possible.
Here is the footage of our finals matches:
To track our team over the following months, you can go to The Blue Alliance.
Thank you so much to all of our sponsors, parents, mentors, and other supporters for helping us get where we are now. A special shoutout goes to FIRST Washington, the Flaming Chickens, and Stormbots for the materials that they provided to help us get through the elimination matches. We can’t wait to see where this season goes!
Thank you,
Ryleigh Weston
Secretary of Communications
Bear Metal Robotics

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