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CWU Competition

CWU Competition


This last weekend, Bear Metal participated in the CWU District Event. We placed rank #3 at the end of qualification matches, with a 10-2-0 record. During alliance selection we were selected by FRC team 1595 The Dragons, and went on to choose FRC team 3219 Tread as our second pick. Our team continued on through finals to win the event, along with this we also won Judges Award at the event. We spent countless hours between our first and second competition perfecting our robot, and it paid off in the end.

Congratulations to teams 3219 and 1595 for the win, and we hope to see you at District Championships.


Our next event will be week 5 at Auburn, WA and we hope to continue and improve our robot until then.

Avery Weston

Secretary of Communications

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