It has been twenty days since I have written my last blog post, the days are wearing thin and the countdown has almost come to a close of the 2015 build season. I have been forced into the caves for the electronics slaves and have been soldering non-stop.


The fumes are starting to get to me and I fear I am going delirious. It seems as though through the clouds of solder fume is the cause, there is something in the distance… It seems to have a yellow and black tint to it. Are those pinchers I see? What is this nonsense in front of me it’s.. it’s getting closer it’s speeds are phenomenal the rate of the chain connected to the lift is too much for me.


I start to run away, but it just keeps getting closer… I hear the snickering of the programmers who are testing the beast we call Bearistotle. My life is flashing before my eyes; the beginning of build season seems to flash by and I see the strategy meeting and the rest of the weeks dwindle down until I see the fabricators pouncing on everyone forcing them to debur as I seek shelter away from them all. The robot is almost complete and my time is almost up…

-Mason Blair (Electronics lead)

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