Entry #043

Day #043 20:33 PM Saturday, February  14, 2015 (PST)

Location:47.389174, -122.10055

The voices in my head are growing louder. I constantly hear the screeching of the mill and I have yet to get the steel shaving from last week out of my hand. Yet I must continue.  After changing our tote manipulation device we found interference issues in the collector. As a result I was forced to mill out longer collector arms. After a grueling two hours of milling they were complete. However due to an oversight by our supreme dictator Mr. Collins they were rendered obsolete. Before my tears could hit the ground I managed to fix it by milling down our bearing blocks and all was well….for a moment. I would talk about the assembly of the collector arms but I would likely undergo flashbacks and be unable to continue. Even typing this is a struggle due to the cuts I obtained while completing them. After assembling the collector arms I counted the robot name votes in order to distract my mind from the horrors I witnessed earlier. I determined that our official 2015 robot name is Maverick. I am pleased with this. I recently became aware of an impostor, someone has imitating my blog post writing style…..they have been dealt with. I now must for I have lost too much blood.


Until Next time,

Member #000030 Liam Nolan
Position: Club President 

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