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Day 45-(Final Day of Build Season)

Day 45-(Final Day of Build Season)

2015 2015 Build Season 2015 Journal

“Huh?” Gabe H.

“Custom made is better than new” Ty H.

“It works in Design” Bradley (Robot) D.

“c’est bon” Austin B.

“Procrastination is an art form” Blake P.

“My Tote Sense is tingling” Mason B.

“I didn’t even do that much…” Nathan Lo.

“I Didn’t Break the Tap!” Gibbs (Alex)

“I’m sad this is my last year” Jordan G

“All the good quotes are taken” Nathan La.

“It’s still at the dealership” Matt P.

“It’s ok, the robot looks pretty” Brett H.

“Maverick was my name idea” Liam N.

“Bearley Legal was better” Jake M.

“I don’t actually know what I’m doing” Tayloe B.

“It’s time to go to bed” Mr. Collins

“I’m just an independent tote who don’t need no lift.” Ryan L.

“Everything that is, was” Brendan M.

“Darn those individuals who lack melanin in their epidermis… They are probably inferior.” Eric d.

“I never want to see another lathe again” Chris L.

“Spin them plates DJ Weston” Mr. Howell

“I’m too tired to spell this correctlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” Mr. Hammerstrom

“Flanges to the OUTSIDE!!!!!” Mr. VanBuren

“Swerve drives for the win” Mr. Cahoon

“‘This years Robot is precisely routed and electrified to win!” Mr Lobeck

“Just ‘cuz it’s a Robot doesn’t make it a bad person.” Mr. Chudy

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