My name is Forest Fleming, this is my first year in robotics and I am a junior at Tahoma High School. Today we worked on prototyping the new robot. I worked with my team (Team E), mostly with our president Adam and our manager Bradley Davis, on our team’s prototype. I got to drill holes in materials and helped assemble our robot. WE HAD PIZZA FOR DINNER, YAS. We will probably have more during the season, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS. There is always something to do here and I have learned a lot in the short time I have been here. Working with Michaela in design, assisting Media and Assembling parts is really fun and I enjoy it. Earlier I accidentally poked a hot drill-bit, that was not so much fun. This club has helped me meet a lot of really cool people. I’m really glad I decided to join this year and I am looking forward to the rest of building season.

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