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Deep Space: Build Season Day 11

Deep Space: Build Season Day 11

2019 Build Season

Attendance is scarce today, but those who are here are working extremely hard on their tasks. Each group for prototyping is working on building the field for competition. They are cutting wood and polycarbonate plastic that is being used to make field obstacles and parts for the robot, such as putting a loader station together and prototyping a collector. Those not currently working on the field are designing chassis through CAD, gathering COTS for competition, or making bearing holes for post processing. Aside from assembly, programming is working on getting code finished and prepared for the robot. With the deadline of the awards essay submission looming, business is working on the essays needed for Chairman’s and Woodie Flowers. Hopefully, as we approach the end of the second week, more people will turnout so that we can reach our goal of 100% participation from the whole team.


Morgan S.


Bear Metal Robotics

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