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Deep Space: Build Season Day 29

Deep Space: Build Season Day 29

2019 Build Season

With a little less than three weeks left till bag and tag, our team took astronomical steps in the right direction today to pursue our goals for upcoming competition season. In the morning field setup crew started setting up the practice field and making sure everything will be ready for when our robot is completed. Programming worked on finishing(!) vision code today. Business is editing the 5th draft of Chairmans, along with working on Chairmans video script. Assembly is constructing the drive train. Electronics is working on the electronics board, design has been working out some issues with the initial design but the issues were fixed and we’ll be back on track faster than before. Fabrication has been prepping the chassis. Altogether, the competition season is going to be a good one if all goes well.

“Today is a do or die for assembly and Manufacturing” -Collins


Lily O.

Bear Metal Robotics

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