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Deep Space: Build Season Day Five

Deep Space: Build Season Day Five

2019 Build Season

Bear Metal strives for 100% participation, meaning that everyone knows exactly what to do in their sub team, and is always being productive. If each sub team continues working like they are now, every single day of build season is sure to have 100% participation. The latest word from business was that they were hard at work writing a first draft for the Chairman’s Award essay. Prototyping has started and finished four different mechanisms to start working off of. Another group within the prototypers are designing an average sized chassis to get into the finished product in order to bring the whole robot together. Programming is currently adjusting and reconnecting vision targets along with bridging the dashboard to run smoothly in sync with the practice robot. In practice field manufacturing and building, they are constructing and assembling the cargo front to help for this season. Having a practice field is a crucial part for our success this season, as the more our team can practice, the better we’ll be, and we hope to be the best out there.

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