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Deep Space: Build Season Day Four

Deep Space: Build Season Day Four

2019 Build Season

Currently our team is split up into their different subteams that are dedicated to prototyping, strategy, programming, and field building.


The programming subteam is in the process of doing general prep work for heir new control system. They are creating a new field layout for the digital simulation of the game, updating their smartdashboard, and updating the firmware of key robot components. Field building sub team is in the process of designing general field pieces that they will later use to set up their full sized field. The prototyping sub-team is currently divided into different parts for trying out different possible mechanisms. Three are trying out different ball cargo collection methods, while another is attempting to create a hatch collecting mechanism. During dinner, the strategy subteam presented their findings after they inspected the game manual and scoring system. The assembly consisted of every sub team in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page and is knowledgeable about our approach for this year’s game.

Every group is off to a positive start, even with this being the first official meeting the team has had since kickoff started due to power outages.


Chase G.


Bear Metal Robotics

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