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Deep Space: Build Season Day One

Deep Space: Build Season Day One

2019 Build Season

This morning, the team woke up bright and early to head to Auburn High School’s kickoff event. The excitement rose as we came closer and closer to the release of the FRC 2019 game, Destination: Deep Space. We waited a few extra minutes so that the founder, Dean Kamen, could say (more than) a few words before the release of the game.

team awaiting the release of the game

Proceeding the game’s riveting release, the team split off into rooms throughout the high school to briefly discuss the features of Destination: Deep Space with other teams in the community. After sharing ideas, the team headed back to our own school. Once there, we ensured that each team member had a great understanding of the rules by going over each rule of the game in depth. The access code is $Robots&in#SPACE!!

Bear Metal ready for rules review

After the detailed rules review, we split off individually to jot down whatever strategies or mechanisms a member had come up with since the game’s release. Each person on the team is required to contribute. With that said, each slip is anonymous. The goal of this is to get everyone to contribute and reduce bias that comes with the names attached to ideas. Tonight, the executives will compile a list of all ideas to be discussed at tomorrow’s meeting. As always, the team hung around for a while after the official meeting had ended, eager to share their thoughts and ideas with their teammates.

members focused on translating ideas

As usual, the team is eager to watch the robot, strategies and code develop over these next few months!


Ashley Faucher


Assistant Fabrication Lead


Bear Metal Robotics

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