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Deep Space: Build Season Day Six

Deep Space: Build Season Day Six

2019 Build Season

New members are getting used to the flow of build season, which means that our team is becoming more efficient in all of our different sub teams. Programming worked hard on code and debugging. With Chairman’s due in about a month, the business team is working extremely hard on the essay. Design worked on a variety of projects including, gearboxes, chassis, and COTS. Improving upon a prototype is one of the most important parts of creating mechanisms usable on the robot. We’re currently pushing for more documentation among prototype teams to avoid making the same mistakes made in previous prototypes. With that in mind, the prototyping team is continuing to create and test new prototypes. Having 100% participation continues to be our goal for the build season, and with the end of week one approaching it’s extremely important to finish off the week strong.


Emma W.


Bear Metal Robotic

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