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Deep Space: Build Season Day Two

Deep Space: Build Season Day Two

2019 Build Season

Today was a very interesting day for our team. Due to the large power-outages across King County, we were forced to cancel our full team meeting. Despite the conditions presented to us, we powered through. A smaller group of students and mentors met at our head coach’s house to start discussions for strategy and method conceptualization. There were also some programmers that met to start preparation for the season.


The strategy group focused the day on making goals and stretch goals of what we want our robot to do. We started to create a spreadsheet with all of these numbers which will be further developed at tomorrow’s meeting. Our goal is to present our strategy to the full team on Tuesday and then base our prototyping off of its requirements and wants.


The method conceptualization group started developing ideas for potential mechanisms, utilizing a whiteboard for much of the discussion. They also started to put ideas into CAD using Autodesk Inventor and were able to divide our designers up for leading up the prototyping and conceptualization of mechanisms. The group will continue to do much of the same tomorrow, but we will (hopefully) have the resources of our shop to delve into the building and testing of concepts.


We were able to make a lot of progress tonight and plan on continuing at this pace throughout the week.


Ryleigh Weston

Vice President

Bear Metal Robotics

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