Entry #015

Day #015 20:33 PM Saturday, January 17, 2015 (PST)

Location:47.389174, -122.100558


Although it is Saturday no rest is to be found for this humble machinist. The grueling build season stops for no team and our deadline is quickly approaching. I fear my sanity may be slipping however I must press on. Our chassis design is 97.098% finalized and we have began to machine parts. Our chassis consists of 8 wheel omni drive with two wheels in the middle for strafing. The lack of a frontal cross beam allows us to intake totes into our robot.


I finished the design of the collector nearly 2 days ago yet it still haunts my dreams. I fear I may never escape it. With the design done I Mastercammed and machined 5 collector arms today (2 for each robot plus 1 spare). The design consists of two independently actuated modules on either side of the robot that bring totes into our robot. While milling to day the mill took yet another attempt at my life as it attempted to slam into a limit. This crude attempt at my demise proved fruitless as I simply skipped the line of G-code that caused this.


I have taken to watching our design robot (Code-name Bradley) from afar. Today he found a constraint error in the lift design. I fear for the life of whichever poor soul made that mistake. Even with our design robot malfunctioning we have almost finished the design of the lift and it resembles both our 2013 and 2011 lift. Although it still remains unclear which of the two tote manipulating mechanisms will make it onto the final robot we have began to lean towards the bear claw as it is much smaller and simpler then the epic arms. Until we see physical results no decision can be made on which mechanism will be used.

Unfortunately due to the shop being closed up I now must conclude today’s entry. My food supply is running low and I pray this entry is not my last.

Member #000030 Liam Nolan (Club President)

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