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FIRST Advocacy Day

FIRST Advocacy Day

2016 2016 Public Relations

It’s FIRST Advocacy Day, a day of talking to and thanking our state legislators. This is the first year that it has been hosted, and we’re proud to have been invited to the event.

The Day Before

The day started off yesterday, with a training session hosted by Skunkworks Robotics. We learnt in-depth about what talking points we should be using.
Training #2

The Day Of

Joe Fain
We talked about various things to the state officials such as what FIRST is, that it is STEM and a chance for kids to apply the skills they learn in school, how FIRST affects the workforce, and how their money/influence filters down throughout the community.
Pat Sullivan
We told them personal anecdotes about how we got involved and how FIRST has impacted us and the community. Together, with evidence of statistics about alumni, the robotics camp, the boy scout merit badge clinic, and the robotic classes we were informing the legislators about how their continued support of FIRST robotics is a synergic effort with many benefits for both parties. We also participated in an outdoor rally which helped advocate FIRST robotics to many of the passersby.

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