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Girl Scout Merit Badge

Girl Scout Merit Badge


Last Saturday we hosted a robotics merit badge for girl scouts in second through fifth grade, in collaboration with Troop 41593 and it was a huge success! We had 65 girls from local girl scout troops packed into our shop to learn how to design, assemble, and program simple mechanisms. The goal was for each group of 6 girls to build a vex arm. They got a chance to use inventor to design a mounting cube for their arm and got to see the milling machine in action making the cube as well as the laser and our welding shop. They then launched into assembling the arm. After assembly, the girls attached the arms to pre-made chassis and learned to program their robots. They were then able to drive their robots, and pick up foam balls with arms they had created. It was a great success! We were excited to introduce the next generation to STEM, and hope to see these girls in robotics and engineering. Thanks so much to everyone who attended!

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