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Houston World Championship

Houston World Championship


Bear Metal headed off to Houston this past week to attend the 2017 FIRST Robotics Championships. We played on the Turing field for the majority of the week, placing #6 for alliance selections, where we were picked by FRC team 1318 “IRS”. Our alliance then went on to pick FRC team 1595 “The Dragons” and FRC team 2907 “Lion Robotics”. This made us the only all Pacific Northwest alliance at the World Championships. We went on to win the Turing sub-division and continue onto the Einstein field, where we sadly lost all 5 of our matches. This was the first time that any of the teams on our alliance had ever been to the Einstein field, so just attending was a large accomplishment. This made it our fourth win this season, making it the best season Bear Metal has ever had.

Congratulations to our alliance partners, and we hope everyone else had a great season!

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