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Mt. Vernon Day 1

Mt. Vernon Day 1

2015 2015 Competition Season


Today was a successful day for the most part. we got everything set up, had our meetings and got onto the practice field to try out our new autonomous code on the competition bot.


Story Time!

As the day came to an end the lonesome driver showed up at the hotel innocently looking for a hotel key so he could get into bed and rest up for the upcoming competition, but little did he know, for his name was not on the hotel list! He had no room! And the lonesome driver stood at the lobby desk while the clerk attempted to get a hold of one of the mentors. “Dan Howell!” The driver said, but there was no answer, “Darren Collins!” He picked next crossing his fingers for good luck, and alas! There was an answer! The clerk asked, “Do you have a room number for him? Because I don’t have one here.” But there was only silence coming from the phone for the next few minutes. The driver got a little scared, but not to worry because the FTA, John Grimm was there to comfort him. After another 5 minutes of silence, the savior, Todd Hammerstrom came downstairs to help fix the problem and the lonesome driver found himself a room to sleep in for the night.

The End.

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