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Peak Performance

Peak Performance

2018 Off-Season

We are excited to be attending Peak Performance, our first off-season competition of the year, this Saturday, September 8th. The event will be at Seattle Christian School. You can watch us competing here on Saturday. This is the schedule

7:00 am – Load In

8:30 am – Opening Ceremonies

8:45 am – Matches Start

11:00 am – Lunch Break

11:30 am – Resume Matches

1:00 pm – End Qualifications

1:15 pm – Alliance Selections

2:00 pm – Start Playoffs

5:30 pm – End Playoffs, Awards Ceremony

6:00 pm – Event Ends

We look forward to playing with our fellow PNW teams!

Catherine Kirschbaum
Secretary of Communications
Bear Metal Robotics

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