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Programming Workshop

Programming Workshop


Our team is holding a 6 hour FRC programming workshop at the FIRSTWA Kent fieldhouse on Saturday December 8th from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm. The goal of this FRC programming workshop, is take you from setup to completing the basics of autonomous path following as Bear Metal has used for the last couple of seasons (2017-2018). The exercise will start with the setup of IDE, Java and GIT such that you can run a basic tele-operated robot inside a provided simulation. Visualization of the robot movements and path are provided with a custom dash-board. There will be four exercises that build on the previous exercise. It uses GIT branches to take you from the start of the exercise, allows you to try your hand at completing the functionality and then allows you to see a working solution. The four exercises are 1) state estimate using odometry, 2) path creation, 3) motion profiling and then 4) path following. All required libraries are publicly available.

Items attendees should plan to bring for the workshop:
1) Laptop
2) Java SDK 1.8 installed
3) Eclipse IDE or equivalent installed
4) Xbox Controller (optional)
5) A snack or lunch

Please fill out the following form if you plan to attend.


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