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Prototyping Challenge Day 1

Prototyping Challenge Day 1

2018 Off-Season

Today we kicked off our 2018 prototyping challenge, Poseidon’s Mark. According to tradition, we split our team into four subteams competing against each other to design, prototype, and finalize a winning mechanism in a week. This year’s challenge is all about basketballs. The teams were given the task of creating a shooting mechanism to shoot 15 foam basketballs into a hoop 10 feet away in 90 seconds, earning 1 point per ball. The rules offer extra points to the team who can make their mechanism under a certain weight, under a certain size, and completely accurate. The twist and the connection to Poseidon comes in with how the shooters must be fed. A human player must use a trident, created by the head coach, to pick up balls and put them into the shooter. Today the teams launched into their first conceptualizations. Team Epsilon worked through various different ideas, weighing the pros and cons. Team Alpha also brainstormed several ideas, looking into robots from the 2012 FRC game, as well as drawing ideas on the whiteboard. Team Romeo also looked into robots from 2012 and had a chance to test some different ideas. We look forward to seeing the designs the week will bring!

Team Bravo hard at work

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