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Prototyping Challenge Day 5 and Competition

Prototyping Challenge Day 5 and Competition

2018 Off-Season

In the final days of the prototyping challenge, teams were able to finish, test and run their prototypes. Team B ended up with a great hooded shooter mechanism. They worked to get the angles and speeds of their shooter just right, learning to communicate as a team. They had a few minor setbacks such as having to machine hubs for one of their wheels, and then having them misplaced, but in the end they came out with a strong prototype. Team E worked up until the end to get their two wheeled shooter working just right. They ended up getting it aimed how they wanted it by tipping it on its side. This made it easy to load with the trident, an advantage that would really help them later on. Team A worked on their prototype right up until the last few possible minutes. They fed from the front of their mechanism, sending the ball down into the shooter only to be swished around by a wheel and shot back the way it had come. They got it assembled and tested it sadly realizing that their angle was too great, not letting the ball go up far enough and consistently hitting below the hoop. A few cuts with the jigsaw later, they were able to adjust the angle and start making baskets. Team R continued to work to finish up their prototype. They noticed that it shook a lot, so they were able to clamp it down in extra places. They were also able to regulate the backspin on their wheel to get the best possible angle and shot into the basket, ending the day with a pretty accurate shooter.

At 4 pm, we started the competition. By random selection, Team B went first. Their shooter was the most accurate, but unfortunately the trident proved to be awkward for getting balls into their mechanism.  It required quite a bit of force to get the wheels to grip the ball, and the trident wasn’t quite up to the job. They were able to make 3 baskets. Team R went next. They received bonus points for fitting their mechanism into the stretch size goal. Their shooter also proved to be accurate, but unfortunately they encountered a similar problem to Team B in that it was hard to get the ball to go into the shooter with the trident. They shot 4 baskets. Team A went next. As it was possible to drop the ball down into Team A’s shooter, they had none of the same problems as the other teams. They were able to get the most baskets at 6, and were the first team to shoot all 15 balls, doing it in 83 seconds. Unfortunately, this didn’t give them the win. Team E was coming. Team E was a small shooter, thus gaining the bonus points for size. Their two wheeled shooter was also the easiest to load, being able to feed balls into the back easily. They hit 4 baskets, and were able to shoot all 15 balls in 58 seconds. Thus teams A, R, and E were tied, the tiebreaker being who shot the 15 balls fastest. Thus team E won the competition. Great job Team E and all other teams! After this challenge, we’re looking forward to kickoff.

The scoreboard

Teams hard at work


Team E and their shooter

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