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Rules, Forms, & F.A.Q.

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Rules and Expectations:

The Tahoma High School Student Handbook – The Tahoma High School rules and regulations oversee all club activities.

Student Expectations – Students are expected to behave with gracious professionalism at all times. Personal behavior should always represent the team, school, and the FIRST organization in a positive manner. See the club handbook for additional information.

Travel Expectations – On destination trips, students are expected to be with a chaperone if outside of the hotel (except when the hotel is physically connected to the venue, such as in Houston). Students should also be in their assigned rooms by 10 PM. This is both a team rule as well as a hotel group contract rule. Violations may result in a reprimand and denial to travel to the next competition.

Chaperone/Mentor Expectations – The main goal of our chaperones and mentors is to keep our team members safe. If you observe behavior in violation of the club handbook, it should be corrected and reported to one of the coaches. We ask that chaperones take turns helping get the students to the venue, sightseeing, and other activities like meals.

The Club Handbook and Travel Forms

The above link will take you to a web page containing the following documents:

  • The Bear Metal Student Handbook
  • Event Permissions Forms
  • Team Attire Order Form

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I find event specific event information such as where to park?

The destination web pages will be updated with current information as it becomes available.

How are volunteers selected?

Volunteers must go through the school and complete the application required.

Volunteer Registration Form – Adults interesting in being a mentor or chaperone should fill out and submit the registration form.

What does it mean to be a chaperone/driver?

A chaperone/driver agrees to help supervise students while we are at events. Chaperones/drivers are generally responsible for the students that are assigned to their car or travel group. This responsibility involves activities like getting students to and from the competition venue and making sure that the students get dinner.

Are students always with a chaperone?

Students must be accompanied by a chaperone unless they are in the hotel. This is for safety reasons and to help keep the group together as travel groups can be large.

Are there opportunities for financial aid?

The Booster club can offer financial support to those who contribute to fundraising. The more a student participates in fundraising, the more financial aid they will receive.

What is the difference between a permission slip and a google form?

Permission slips can found on the Club Documents page.This document is required for students to attend team events. The google form is sent in an email with a specific ‘respond by’ date and collects information such as whether or not you plan to attend an event, what kind of accommodations you request (if we are traveling), or whether a parent can drive/chaperone.

Is there a dress code at competitions?

Students are expected to wear their Bear Metal Attire during competition time. During free time, students can wear normal clothes of their choosing. Please wear clothing that is school appropriate since we are representing a team and school.

How much will I pay for my student to attend the competition?

For local events such as Auburn High School and Auburn Mountainview High School it is suggested that students bring money for snacks. Concession stands are usually open
for events away from home. For destination competitions (Houston, Portland, and Spokane), we will post updated hotel information as we have arrangements secured. Costs will vary depending on location, whether someone is a student or mentor, and for particular individual needs. The below information details recent competition expenses for away regional (Portland and Spokane) and the Houston Championship.

Away Regional Budget

  • $225 per person covers the coach/bus, hotel accommodations, and meals.
  • $20/day given to each student to cover breakfast and lunch at the arena. Three dinners are covered by the team.

Houston Championship

  • Travel – $640 per person, includes:
    • Roundtrip airfare
    • Transportation from/to airport
    • FIRST package Hotel – Three nights and wrap party tickets
    • Assume no daily transportation costs if hotel is walking distance, otherwise budget for shuttle/subway
  • $20/day given to each student to cover breakfast and lunch at the arena. Three dinners are covered by the team.

Students and families should also consider bringing excess spending money for potential unforeseen costs and tourist opportunities.




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