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The Robot is Back!

The Robot is Back!

2016 2016 Competition Season

Our competition robot is back! In the early morning hours on March 30, our robot reappeared in front of our school. Though we are exultant to have our robot back, three parts were missing: the robot processing unit (RoboRIO), a Raspberry Pi (for processing aiming data from the camera), and the radio.

Working on Robot

Alicia, our electronics lead, and her team have inspected the wiring and found nothing else out of place.

We have repaired and rebagged the robot as it was at the end of the last competition. During the 6-hour unbagging period, we will make further repairs (replacing the bent axle, etc.).

Our team wants everyone to know how much the support from other teams has meant to us these past few days. This weekend (April 2nd and 3rd) you can see our robot again in action at the Auburn High School district competition in downtown Auburn.

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