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Travel Meeting Minutes

Travel Meeting Minutes

2016 2016 Competition Season

Meeting Agenda:
1. Flights
2. Metro
3. Hotel
4. Meals
5. Cost and Payments


-There will be 3 different flights out of Seattle to St.Louis (if you opted to fly with the team)
-Every flight will have at least one mentor
-Mr. Hammerstrom has a spreadsheet of which students and mentors are on which flight. Mr.Hammerstrom will either send out spreadsheet or contact students individually for flight information.
– Robot is already on its way to St.Louis.

1st Flight: Alaska Airlines
Tuesday, April 26th – Flight#AS0748 – Leave Seattle: 11:55am – Arrive St.Louis 5:40pm
Sunday, May 1st – Flight#AS0751 – Leave St.Louis: 6:40pm – Arrive Seattle 9:00pm

2nd Flight: Southwest Airlines
Wednesday, April 27th – Flight#2701 – Leave Seattle: 9:10am – Arrive St.Louis 3:05pm
Monday, May 2nd – Flight#3948 – Leave St.Louis: 2:10pm – Arrive Seattle 4:25pm

3rd Flight: Alaska Airlines
Wednesday, April 27th – Flight#AS0748 – Leave Seattle:11:55am – Arrive St.Louis 5:40pm
Monday, May 2nd – Flight#AS0751 – Leave St.Louis:6:40pm – Arrive St.Louis: 9:00pm

-You will need some form of ID: Drivers License or Passport
– Flight Confirmation numbers will be e-mailed out soon. Please print your boarding passes at home.
– Please try to be at the Airport 3 hours before flight time leaving Seattle to St.Louis.
– Team should find seats close to check-in counters so other team members can find them.
– If you are late and the team has already checked in. It is your responsibility to get yourself through security and on the flight.
– Any check-in luggage are to be paid for out of pocket (these fees will not be covered by the Booster Club)


– All students will be taking the light rail to and from the airport and other destinations during their stay in St.Louis
– The 1st flight of students and mentor(s) will be buying all the tickets on Tuesday for the whole team
– Once flight 2 and 3 arrive at the airport, there will be a mentor waiting with their light rail passes at the ready
– If you are going to get your own pass please let Mr.Hammerstrom know


– The team will be staying at the St.Louis City Center Hotel (400 S 14th Street, St.Louis, MO, 63103,(314) 231-5007
– The hotel is about a 15 minute walk to the venue (Edward Jones Dome in St.Louis)

4. Meals

– Breakfast will not be included at the Hotel
– Students will need to bring funds for all three meals for their entire stay at St.Louis
– There is an option to buy pre-paid lunches. Pre-paid lunches can be purchased online. The Pre-paid lunches will accommodate Gluten Free diets. It will not accommodate Nut or Dairy Allergies.
– However, if planning to buy pre-paid lunches. They need to be ordered and paid for by this Friday.
– Students with pre-paid lunches will be given bracelets
– Pre-paid Lunches can be made through: http://yourboxlunch.myshopify.com/
– If there are allergies and you opt not to pre-pay for lunches, there are many other venues in and around Edward Jones Dome in St.Louis

5. Special Events
– Robo Prom on the evening of April 28th (dress: semi-formal, formal or even team wear….just don’t go naked!)
– Pasta Party on the evening of April 29th (will accommodate Gluten Free and Vegetarian Meals)
– Concert and After Party right after closing ceremonies on April 30th (goes until midnight)

6.Costs and Payments

Flights: $476.28/person (round trip)
Hotel: Team Room – $355.00/student
Family Room – $1165.00
Team Dinner: $20.00
Metro: $20.00

– an invoice will be sent to you in the next few days.
– it is important that everyone get their fees all paid off before hand

* Any further questions can be emailed to: [email protected]; text: 910 494 1107

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