Robotics Camp Day #1, 6/23/14

Today was the first day of our Robotics Camp this year. The younger group (Ages 8-11) arrived around 8:30 and they were quickly debriefed (GP included!) and set to work! They had the option of using exploded diagrams of predesigned drive bases to help them build their drive trains today. Most groups reached that goal before 12:30 when they left!

The older kids arrived at 9:30 and went through a more detailed debriefing by Collins, and then they got to work, most of that group finished their drive trains by the time they left as well, finishing the goal for today.

IMG_8651Mr. Collins and Liam teach about the different example drive trains available to the younger kids, as well as a few other little tips.

IMG_8653Joel cleans up a mess, just a spilled water bottle.

We’re eager to see these kids progress as their week-long camp progresses, and the blog will keep posting!

- Gabraham, previous Overlord of Design.


20/5/14 Blog


I’m Cameron the new secratary of communications. We had elections today. We have the same president and vice president as last year, Liam and Brett.

IMG_8403We are preparing for Maple Valley Days by building the five vex robots, an elevated feild, the tent, posters and flyers. IMG_8406

This is the unassembled vex feild.COS-b And here is a math joke. The new tradition of the media battalion is to have a joke every post. Freshman says, “I don’t get it.” Senior replies, “Make a Taylor Power Series of it, centered at e.”

Daily Blog 5/13/14

Hey! :) Peyton Collins here with the daily blog,

Maple Valley days is coming up fast on June, 13th, 14th,and 15th.  Over the past few weeks we have been working on building and programming vex robots for use at maple valley days. These vex robots are a chance for the kids in the community to be able to see first hand what the robotics students at the junior high and middle schools  are working with. We will also be bringing our  robot from this year to drive in the maple valley days parade on June 13th . Also we will be having a small informational stand with robotics students explaining a bit about what we do as well show off Bearium and of course answer any questions.We hope to see you there!!!!!! :)

-Peyton Collins

Bear Metal Robotics Camp!

We are hosting a Robotics Camp during the week of June 23rd-27th!

Kids will be learning how to use modern technology while working hand in hand with members  from our award winning robotics team. Kids will be working in groups of four to design, build and program their very own VEX robot for a specific competitive challenge.

Each team will be competing against other teams in a 24 team 2 vs. 2 robotics tournament which will be held on the last day of the camp.

Everyone that attends will be exploring many aspects of building a VEX robot such as.

  • Learning principles of design
  • Applying principles of mechanical advantage
  • Gaining experience with various mechanisms
  • Understanding how to use both digital and analog sensors
  • Gaining experience with programming

This program is being offered through the Tahoma Learning Communities. It can be access this site by first going to and selecting Tahoma Learning Communities from the Community tab. From there click the TLC-Register Online button.

Or you can hold control and click here! to go straight to the register page!

Auburn High school competition update # 1

Hey Guys, Peyton here giving you an update about our competition today at Auburn High School. We had a few problems with our autonomous at first but once we got that fixed our robot performed exceptionally well. We had a win lose ratio of 5-4. We ended our night at 15th place not as good as what we hoped for but we are all excited for tomorrow!

-Peyton (I AM BATMAN!!!!)

Auburn Moutain View Competition update

Bear Metal recently attended a competition at Auburn Mountain View High School. Are robot performed exceptionally well, but due to some minor problems we were placed 7th before alliance selections began.competition #1 image We were picked by the 2nd placed team, 2907 Lion Robotics and our 2nd pick to finish off the alliance was team 3237, The bionic braves. We fought hard and worked as a team, allowing us to win the competition. A special shout out to the Sota bots who gave us their time out so we could fix a problem with one of our alliance’s robots. To round off the event we won the chairman’s award, this season the team spent numerous hours working throughout the community and we are thankful for the chairman’s team’s awesome presentation and essay!  We also are thankful  that our media team put together an amazing chairman’s video!competition #2 image Because we won the chairman’s we have earned a spot at the district finals in Portland. We are also excited to compete in the Mt. Vernon competition next weekend. Just a reminder this tomorrow we will be having our annual spaghetti dinner and auction at tahoma high school, tickets will be available at the door.

-Peyton Collins