Auburn High school competition update # 1

Hey Guys, Peyton here giving you an update about our competition today at Auburn High School. We had a few problems with our autonomous at first but once we got that fixed our robot performed exceptionally well. We had a win lose ratio of 5-4. We ended our night at 15th place not as good as what we hoped for but we are all excited for tomorrow!

-Peyton (I AM BATMAN!!!!)

Auburn Moutain View Competition update

Bear Metal recently attended a competition at Auburn Mountain View High School. Are robot performed exceptionally well, but due to some minor problems we were placed 7th before alliance selections began.competition #1 image We were picked by the 2nd placed team, 2907 Lion Robotics and our 2nd pick to finish off the alliance was team 3237, The bionic braves. We fought hard and worked as a team, allowing us to win the competition. A special shout out to the Sota bots who gave us their time out so we could fix a problem with one of our alliance’s robots. To round off the event we won the chairman’s award, this season the team spent numerous hours working throughout the community and we are thankful for the chairman’s team’s awesome presentation and essay!  We also are thankful  that our media team put together an amazing chairman’s video!competition #2 image Because we won the chairman’s we have earned a spot at the district finals in Portland. We are also excited to compete in the Mt. Vernon competition next weekend. Just a reminder this tomorrow we will be having our annual spaghetti dinner and auction at tahoma high school, tickets will be available at the door.

-Peyton Collins

Build Season 2014 The Final Chapter

Robot (Bradley D.) “Hah Gaaaaaabe, I hate you: Clearence hole for a #10 bolt is ∞in”

Andrea F. “Wheres Ashton????” “You guys did it wrong again, do it over!” *Sounds of electronics children ragequitting*

Steven W. “Have I really lost touch? No… It’s the children who are wrong.”

Kacey L. “Robot… Robot…. Robot…. Yep…….. that’s it!”

Roth Jaminson “Positive is the black wire. Right?”

Eric de Winter “Better… watch… out… for… the… COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBRASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!…. *Flexes* *Sounds of beautiful women fainting*”

Blake P. “I live by the Trog, I die by the Trog!

Mason B. “Hey, Elena can I be in the weekly update video?”

Elena W. ” No Mason you may not be in the weekly update video”

Daniel L. “Building robots with my bear hand is just too CIMple.”

Brett H: “You are a trog, I am a trog, WE ARE ALL TROGS”

Liam Nolan (Club Dictator) “No you’re a trog!”

Tayloe B. “This season I feel like I was obviously the most valuable member of the team. Everybody on the team was completely useless.The chassis was a piece of poorly designed scrap and the collector was a jumble of polycarb and aluminum that couldn’t even pick up a basketball.  I could have built the entire robot by myself.”

Peyton C.”Please don’t put me in the weekly update im begging you!!!!”

Kelly ” Was that me?”

Gavin C. “

Chelsea O. “I’m so glad the robot’s name is Bearium and that the electronics work…”

Joel Thompson “Mastercam is an important part of 2046 Bear Metal Robotics ,                               However it has a side affect: INSANITY!!!!!!!!!”

Mr V “CAD MONKEY!!!!!”

Mr. Lobeck “Robotics is nothing but engineering discipline….for a while…..”

Mr. Huber We have time to build a fourth one in the next 3 hours!!

Design Overlord Gabraham: “Nate got what he was asking for…”

Nate K. “I just did what Gabe told me…”

Nick H. “The code SHOULD work!” -famous last words

Todd H. “Put that BACK when your done!”

Gavin C. ” We need to make more smores with the allen wrench!”

Mr. Cahoon “This sets our new club best as the highest functionality we’ve ever bagged.”

Mr. Collins “I yelled a lot less this year. Great build season. Great kids.”

Build Season Day # 45

This week we have Mid Winter break so we were able to send some of our students down to team 2557 SotaBots field for a 2nd day in a row. We also tested out collector #2 today, it did not work as well expected but we have some time to improve it. Overall the robot is perfoming amazingly and we are very excited for our first competition next week!